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Tour: Shifty Business by Olivia Hardin [Interview]

Hey peeps! Today I have the pleasure to host Olivia Hardin, the author of two Paranormal series. Shifty Business is the third book in the Bend-Bite-Shift trilogy and it is currently on tour with the amazing Enchanted Book Tours! Want to know something great? I just realised I have the first book in the series on my Kindle! So if you want to know more about this awesome series, here is my interview with the author:

Shifty Business
Bend-Bite-Shift #3

From Goodreads
Gerry Hinton thought she had the perfect career as an operative for the Company. Her next assignment should have been another "mission accomplished", but hell was delivering hand baskets that day.

When a little girl gives a mysterious silver box to Gerry, her world self-destructs. Suddenly under constant mental attacks, the only person who can save her is her partner, Nicky--but nothing comes without a cost. Secrets buried deep in the past begin to rise, threatening everything she holds dear.

Interview with Olivia Hardin

-Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got into writing?
I started scribbling in spiral notebooks from about the age of 15.  I would have dreams that were so vivid and real that I had to put them to paper.  By the time I graduated high school I was telling people I was going to be a writer.  I’m so glad I decided to get back to that long ago dream and put “pen to paper” again!

-Describe your book in two lines.
Nicky thought their secret love could withstand anything.  But the skeletons in Gerry’s closet may be enough to destroy their relationship and end their lives.

-Why should we read Shifty Business?
At the heart of Shifty Business is Gerry’s broken spirit.  She believes she’s unworthy, unclean, evil.  It is a fascinating ride as we join along with her to discover her real value and thereby to save the love of her life.

-What character or part of the story did you become attached to the most while writing and why?  
I really allowed myself to get into Nicky’s head during Part I of the book.  Of course Gerry was unconscious that whole time so that made sense, but I really felt like I connected to him.  The love he has for Gerry was palpable to me while writing Part I… it became a part of me.

-Is this a genre you prefer to write in or is there any others you would like to try?
I love paranormal romance.  It has been so much fun to write.  My original dream was to write historical romance and I’m definitely going to delve into that soon.

-If you could be a character in a book, which book and what character?
One of my favorite books is Glory Road by Robert Heinlein... it would be awesome to become Star.

-If you could work with any author who would it be?
Wow, that’s a tough question.  The first one to come to mind is Jude Devereaux.  When I was growing up, hers were some of the first romance novels mom let me read.  She has some great fantasy and paranormal elements to some of her stories and I think it would be amazing to work with her.

-What book are you reading now? 
Pressure Point by Charles Colyott.  Loved the first one in his Randall Lee series, Changes.

-Do you have any advice for other writers?
My best advice is to find your support group.  You need a group of folks who will give you critical advice, will pick you up when you’re down and will kick you in the rear when you need it!  

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