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Review: Unveiled by Jacklyn Daher

Chronicles of Luxor Everstone #1

Published: June 6th 2020
Number of pages: 578
Format: eARC
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From Goodreads
What if your entire life was a lie?

Sixteen-year-old Luxor Everstone had the idyllic life — wealthy, popular and beautiful. Until in a fit of rage, she almost killed her best friend. And herself.

Waking up from a coma she senses everything is different. She is different. A darkness lingers deep inside laced with rage, further fuelled by a faceless man who haunts her.

Exiled to a sleepy town for a new start and to attend a juvenile rehabilitation centre, all she wants is a clean slate. Except the universe has other plans as crimson eyed people reeking of sulphur throw her life into peril at every turn.

Encountering Hunter is a surprise in more ways than one. Enigmatic and antagonistic, against her will a strong electric connection draws her to him. But Hunter's curious nature and innate ability to know Luxor's thoughts keep her on edge, so does his offer of helping her uncover the lies.

Torn between attraction and her instincts to flee, will she put herself at risk for answers?

Or will the truth heal, or taint her soul?

My Review

Unveiled was the first paranormal that I read after a long time. I was intrigued by the whole concept and by the darkness of the premise. But if I reread the synopsis, I am even more convinced that the main themes mentioned, were not well explored.

As soon as you start the book, you're introduced to a protagonist who has a great deal going on in her life: an attempt murder to her best friend, an uncontrolled rage that threatens to burst at any time, a forced move to another city and terrible nightmares that haunt her every night. Since all these themes have been presented from the start, I would have expected the rest of the book to be more of an insight on what was going on, but I was surprised to see that often, all paranormal phenomena were put aside to leave space to some "high-school drama". I can't tell you my feelings about this choice, because if from a side I was a bit annoyed by the lack of answers, I was also growing fond of the characters thanks to the great amount of space given to several minor episodes and minor characters. For example, I was really drawn into the whole Luxor - Hunter parade: Hunter being a sexy, arrogant, spooky presence. Their love-hate relationship is what I usually like in a love story, but what I didn't like was how rushed looked their growing closer in the end, and how much and how sudden Hunter's character seems to change.

Speaking of Luxor, instead, almost 80% into the book and we have a protagonist who has seen possessed, red-eyed people walking, people entering a no-exit shop and never coming back, her body magically healing from all traumas.. and still, she's infuriatingly oblivious to all. I found it annoying how Luxor doesn't really care about what's happening to her, despite having the answer of what she might be right in front of her. I hated how by the end of the book she still acted like dumb, and refused to accept the didn't help at all in creating a bond between me and her!

All answers are given around the last 15% of the book and I was absolutely not satisfied by the space dedicated to what looks to be a really complicated story. A lot of elements and paranormal figures are introduced in what was a rushed and unbalanced conclusion and I had serious problems in understanding what was happening - to the point that I often needed to reread some passages for a couple of times! So what was my main problem with this book? Simple, I would have loved for the paranormal component to be more explored, to be a constant in the story and not just some background.

Still, the fact that you get a taste of this new world just at the end of the book, leaves me with a feeling of discontent that does not prevent me from reading book 2. My curiosity remains, my time with the characters was still pleasant, so I'm having hopes for book 2 to be more engaging than the first one!

Rated 2.75!

Book Blitz: From Darkest Seas by Rosalind Chase + give@way!

From Darkest Seas
Rosalind Chase

Publication date: October 20th 2019
Genres: Adult, LGBTQ+, Romance

“Brutal. Beautiful. Breathtakingly sexy.” -Babes in Romanceland


It’s a memory of a word his wife once taught him. Before she died. Before he became famous for catching the Blue Heart Killer. Before he took early retirement and moved to a quiet mountain town for the sole purpose of forgetting. Forgetting his grief, his mistakes, his nature.

But Greg Owens can’t forget.

And neither can Rhona Leith.

Not since she slipped through the veil. Not since she pulled the seal skin from her body and took human form, took human life. Not since she fell in love once, twice, three times. No, Rhona can never forget how inhuman she truly is.


A myth. A legend. A monster.

As both of their pasts come to light, Greg and Rhona explore a realm of pleasure and pain, love and regret, life and death. Greg soon realizes that Rhona could be the key to dispelling the darkness inside of him.

Or maybe she will simply set it free.

From Darkest Seas is a sensual modern fairy tale full of magical realism, murder, and the monsters within us from Bi Writer of the Year Winner and LAMBDA Finalist, Rosalind Chase.

With FF/MFM/MF relationships and the unexpected romance that comes after the HEA ended too soon, From Darkest Seas features characters who do time travel the long way: by just staying alive. Expect sexy alpha Highlanders, the French Revolution, a Belle Époque illicit club, and much more as Greg learns that dominance doesn’t equal abuse and submission doesn’t equal weakness.

Goodreads / Amazon

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It is a seal. At least at first.

But then the world goes a little off kilter. Like he is looking through a kaleidoscope full of sea glass and stars, the form in his vision distorts and, as the figure comes onto land, it stands and keeps standing. Far taller than a seal could be. No, those are the long, pale, shapely legs of a woman. And the kaleidoscope shifts yet again. The seal head falls back like the hood of a cloak. A woman’s face takes its place.

“This is what Rhona loved about how they played. She loved the way it turned men and women into beasts, the way their deepest carnal selves took over. The way it stripped away all the human civilization and made everyone more like the monster that lived inside them. Made everyone more like her.”

“I’m afraid,” Greg starts, his voice crawling around in his chest, writhing and looking for its way out, “I’m afraid that I’ll become some kind of monster.”

Rhona shrugs.

“You’re already are some kind of monster. We all are. Denying it is where we get into trouble.”

About the author

Rosalind Chase is the award-winning author of Lot's Wife: An Erotic Retelling. Finalist for the LAMBDA Award and the first Erotica Author to win Bi Writer of the Year from the Bi Writer's Association, Rosalind writes literary stories of a romantic or erotic nature.

Her work almost always has an element of magical realism or skewed reality. From the scented halls of a textile shop in Sodom to the backroads of an enchanted Mountain town to a pocket of mythical, uncharted space, her stories feature characters on the cusp of revelation.

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