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Blogoversary Celebration Day 3! Stephanie Judice author of Rising and Resistance + Give@way!

Celebration Day 3!

Today's host is Stephanie Judice, author of Rising and Resistance! The amazing authos is going to reveal us the songs that helped her write both books.

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Playlist with Stephanie Justice
Author of Rising and Resistance

RISING Soundtrack:
  1. BACK IN BLACK by AC/DC (Opening scene—Gabe late for school)
  2. MISERY BUSINESS by Paramore (Gabe and Clara driving in car)
  3. I WAS MADE FOR LOVIN' YOU by KISS (Gabe, Clara, and Jeremy going to meet Theresa)
  4. TOXICITY by System of a Down (Jeremy reveals his power)
  5. A WARRIOR'S CALL by Volbeat (Riot/panic at football game)
  6. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE by Guns N Roses (Ride back from Canebrake Island—meeting Homer)
  7. MONSTER by Skillet (Battle at Jessie’s house)
  8. SEVEN DEVILS by Florence and the Machine (Clara heading home alone, knowing the reapers are there)
  9. THE TROOPER by Iron Maiden (Gabe and Jeremy battle their way back to Pop’s cabin)
  10. MOONLIGHT SONATA by Beethoven (Healing wounds and hearts at Pop’s cabin)
  11. WELCOME HOME by Coheed and Cambria (Final battle on Canebrake Island)
  12. RESISTANCE by Muse . . . . . .Closing credits ;)

RESISTANCE Soundtrack:
  1. FAR FROM HOME by Five Finger Death Punch (Leaving Louisiana--Clara's dream)
  2. HEAVY IN YOUR ARMS by Florence & the Machine (Trouble in paradise)
  3. FIRE WOMAN by The Cult (Michael's view of Clara)
  4. SALLY'S SONG by Amy Lee (Walks in the snow--Jessie's return)
  5. FADE by Staind (Growing apart)
  6. BRING ME TO LIFE by Evanescence (Jeremy's concert--intro of "Flight of Icarus")
  7. THROUGH GLASS by Stone Sour (Heartbreak)
  8. I ALONE by Live (Driving/Riding into NYC; Gabe's perspective)
  9. ALREADY GONE by Puddle of Mudd (Shadow Scout abduction)
  10. IF I HAD A HEART by Fever Ray (Battle at Mount Haven--Grief and Loss)
  11. LACRYMOSA by Evanescence . . . . . . . . Final Chapter

Saga Of The Setti #1

Having waited a millennium to return to the fertile feeding ground of earth, the dark giants break through a portal and storm out into the world in the guise of a massive hurricane—famished and fierce. Across the ocean, seventeen-year-old Gabriel Goddard is being plagued by terrifying nightmares about creatures that singe and burn the flesh then absorb the life energy of humans and devour the ashes. A chance meeting with Clara Dunaway immediately distracts Gabe from bad dreams. He has always had a sort of sixth sense—to feel the emotions of others around him. Clara’s presence numbs his other sense, nearly knocking him into a hypnotic state. Bewildered and fascinated, he is lured in by her. When Clara finally confesses that she has a similar gift to see auras around people, a spark flames between them, ignited by a paranormal force. Fate soon reveals that there is a higher purpose for their attraction. Along with Jeremy, the head-bangin’ metal head; Ben, the air-headed golden boy; Melanie, the kind- hearted Creole; and the old hermit named Homer, they must face this enemy as one. Discovering that they are descended from an ancient clan of Norse warriors, they awaken their dormant powers, preparing for the dark giants' imminent invasion of their home. A shadow of darkness veils the land. Will the Setti rise to fulfill their long-awaited destiny?

Saga Of The Setti #2

The world is covered in darkness. A constant gray pall reminds the Setti that reapers are still here—watching, waiting, hunting. Gabe, Clara, and their clan must leave the relative safety of Beau Chêne, Louisiana, in order to train with others gathering in the north. No one knows what lurks when night falls. Yet, Gabe and Clara both know that they must chance the danger in order to fulfill a dark destiny.

While Gabe grows in confidence, Clara begins to doubt everything, including her feelings for Gabe. Looming between them is a growing chasm. Clara’s constant defiance against Gabe begins to sever the bond between them. New clansman and fellow Guardian, Michael, steps in all too willingly to take Gabe’s place as her confidant and more. Good-looking and self-assured, Clara finds his charms difficult to resist. She wonders why she should resist at all.
Jessie, now a shadow scout, defies the reapers’ malevolent power. She reaches out to Clara, yearning for the impossible—to be free of the reapers’ enslavement.
Beyond Clara’s battle to save a lost loved one and to keep Gabe close to her heart, another threat stirs, whispering to Clara in the dark. Something evil hunts her. Will she listen to the one who calls to her in nightmares and eventually finds her in the flesh? Will she succumb to his will or will she cling to her human soul and her human heart?

Stephanie Judice calls lush, moss-laden New Iberia, Louisiana, home where the landscape curls into her imagination creating mystical settings for her stories. She shares her small, southern lifestyle with her husband and four children. As a high school teacher of English and Fine Arts, she is immersed in mythology, legends, and art that serve as constant inspiration for her writings. Some of her favorite things are autumn leaves, southern accents, Gothic architecture, Renaissance festivals, family movie nights, and, of course, William Shakespeare. Writing is her haven for self-expression where imagination rules and dreams do come true.

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  1. Love this series! Oneof my favorites! Love the playlist and of cours Jeremy! <3

  2. B/c it sounds like a dystopia, love it!!

  3. I love mythology, I love teen romance, and I flipping ADORE scary fantasy monsters. =)

  4. These books sound gripping. So many elements to love.


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