lunedì 17 giugno 2013

Announcing the Blogoversary Celebration Winners!

It's almost two days since all giveaways of the celebration have finished so..
it's really time to announce some winners!! First of all I would like to thank
all those who have entered but especially the authors that have sponsored the 
giveaways. A great THANK YOU to:

Megan Thomason
Laura DeLuca
Sharon Sant
Stephanie Judice
Suzy Turner
Jessica Brooks
Stephanie Wardrop
Jaimie Admans 
Jack Croxall

And now, the WINNERS!

Winners of the Daynight Giveaway by Megan Thomason:
Kelly F.
DeeDee G.

Winner of the Destiny series by Laura DeLuca:
Ali A.

Winner of the eSet of The Sky Song Trilogy by Sharon Sant:
Diana D.

Winner of eBooks of Rising and Resistance by Stephanie Judice:
Natasha D.

Winners of the Morgan Sisters series giveaway by Suzy Turner:
Natasha D.
Elisabeth W.

Winners of the Pity Isn't An Option giveaway by Jessica Brooks:
Crystal F.

Winners of the Snark and Circumstance series giveaway by Stephanie Wardrop:
Sarika P.
Mary P.
Natasha D.
Crystal F

Winner of the Kismetology and Afterlife Academy giveaway by Jaimie Admans:

Winner of the Tethers giveaway by Jack Croxall:
Myra W.

All winners have already been contacted through emails, and they have 48 hours to answer, or another winner will be picked. The images used in this post are not my own, I found them using Google.

The celebration has been a great event that really made me grow as a blogger so THANK YOU! I am looking forward to organise more events like this so.. stay tuned!

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  1. Congrats, everyone! And thanks for the opportunity to participate in your BLOGOVERSARY, Sara! :D May you have many, many more to come! <3

    1. Jessica, I should be the one to thank you!

      Your support and kindness meant a lot to me so THANK YOU!
      I am looking forward to help you with your future books ^^


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